REC Soccer Academy


REC is the only school in the North West province that has a soccer academy and boarding school for players. Our approach to soccer is a holistic one and we stretch the importance of a balanced life. Therefore we see to the academic development of the students, while we develop the student on the soccer field. We also have a consulting dietitian who designs diet plans for our soccer students to which the hostel adheres.

Discipline through sportsmanship

REC has one of the most beautiful soccer pitches in South Africa. We were formally aligned to the Mamelodi Sundowns, but as of 2018, our players are exclusive to our own academy. However, we do allow sponsorships for soccer learners. We advise that this sponsorship accommodates REC’s holistic approach to soccer. We are of the view that it is important for our soccer students to receive a formal education as professional soccer careers have a expiry date, based on age. We do not want our alumni to have no fall back education.

Providing relevant, meaningful and challenging education and staying ahead of education development.