REC Hospitality Academy

REC Hotel School

As part of the humanities division of the curriculum, hospitality studies forms an important part.

REC is registered with the South African Chefs association which means that our students receive the best skills in culinary refinement.

Learning the fine art of hospitality

Our culinary school is currently conducted in our state of the art Hospitality Centre which was completed in 2020. This centre has eight fully equipped individual chef stations with gas stoves. These stations are also mobile and the stations can be arranged according to requirements of the lecture. A separate Restaurant side provides the students with a space for practical skills such as table set-up, waitering, and fin dining skills.
Formal Restaurant evenings are held quarterly. Parents, teachers and local community residents are then invited to Experience the culinary skills and service which the students has learnt during the semester.

Providing relevant, meaningful and challenging education and staying ahead of education development.