REC Hotel School



Exclusive Boarding
Brand new hostel accomodation for students

Safe and fun living and learning environment


Students Matriculated


Years of excellent education


Offered Subjects


Qualified staff members

Administrative Offices

REC administrative body is composed of one of the finest mind in the education sector. We proud ourselves of selecting only the best instructors to deliver the proper experience and shape our students for a promising and bright future.

REC Primary School

From Grade R to Grade 7, we provide top class education to our pupils with a very close approach to prepare them for the next step they will take in their education.

Academic Experience

With 25 years of experience, we are one of the most accomplish academic school and we proud ourselves to deliver the best education you can find in South Africa.

REC High-School

At REC, we prepare our high school students so they can be ready to take on varsity and to achieve more in their journey.

Celebrating Student Excellence

REC Trophies
Top Student Achievements

We celebrate our top student achievers every year with grand prizes.

REC Science Club

We offer a variety of bursaries to our students in many sector with the help of our partners.

REC Trophies
Extra Mural Activities

Through the year the school take part on many curricular competitions to boost the competitive spirit of the students.

We provide relevant, meaningful and challenging education and stay ahead of education development.

REC Phone Text

We don’t condone bullying

REC Schools & Academies is vigilant and proactive in our approach towards combating cyber bullying and promoting healthy communication during break time.

If you experience cyber bullying, please call or sms us: 014 537 2208